WMG Torino 2013 | Together again after six years

The World Masters Games 2013 took place in Turin from 2nd August to 11th August.
Turin has welcomed over19 thousand athletes over 30, from all over the world.

It was a celebration of sport, friendship and tourism. Socialization, food, wine and entertainment were the setting for sports competitions.

30 disciplines (3 of which are also Paralympic: athletics, swimming and archery) for a total of 165 specialties, 66 competition venues were involved in 13 cities of the Piedmont Region.
The most popular sports were: orienteering, athletics, football and volleyball.
Members came from every corner of the planet: from Italy (2.741, 1.588 of which in Piedmont); from Australia (2.713); from Canada (2.587); from Russia (1.543), from the United States (1.028) and from Brazil (852).

There were also numerous countries represented by only one athlete: among others, Bahamas, Bahrain, Malawi, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and Sultanate of Brunei.

A curiosity: the oldest participant was 94 years old.

Athletes, accompanying persons, volunteers, sports fans, appreciated WMG Torino 2013.

The 26th of July is a save the date of EMG Torino 2019, dedicated to those who have already taken part and wants to repeat the experience, but also to those who want to play for the first time with mates from every nation.

“Torino is not a place you abandon”.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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