Torino and the sport | Here the story begins

Turin, as well as in other areas, has played a leading role in many sports. Many previously unknown disciplines have been introduced in Italy by prominent public figures from the Turin scene, they also gave a fundamental contribution to the national sports organization, due to their ability to manage and organize such practices.

Many sports are born in Turin such as: gymnastics, shooting, riding, fencing, rowing and swimming. Virtually all winter sports had their beginnings in Turin: for example, ice skating, mountaineering and skiing.  Not to forget the primacy of horse racing, with the first Italian competition in the history of Italian showjumping in 1884; cycling, athletics and the foundation of the first Italian football team in 1887.
In addition, the first Italian car race was the Turin-Asti-Turin in 1895.
Universiadi were born in Turin in 1959.


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Nowadays sport is practiced by a large number of people, many of whom are masters.
The City of Turin has 222 high-level sports facilities, 44 of which directly managed and 178 under concession. In 2017 sports facilities directly managed by the Municipality were attended by 290.907 athletes. The events – dedicated to various disciplines – carried out in the city, were 439.
The Piedmontese capital stands out in football with 2 Serie A clubs, Juventus and Turin and in basketball with the Fiat Torino Auxilium. There are also many athletes of Piedmontese origin who have achieved successes and goals of national and international importance.