Event Security

One of the most important target of the Organising Committee Torino 2019 will be to ensure all necessary measures to guarantee the total safety of the Athletes, Teams, the Accompanying people, the Spectators and the Sponsors, the Media, their possessions and the Sport facilities involved in the sports event.

To guarantee a security system that will respond to the complexity of the event, there will be close collaboration between the EMG Organising Committee and all the law enforcement forces.

The management model we will adopt will be based on three principles: a single chain of command, coordination between the Police Forces and intelligence and close collaboration with the local institutions through the Prefect, who will be the pivotal point of reference for all the public order and security activities.

EMG Organising Committee will designate a Safety and Security Manager, who will collaborate to set up a Security and Safety Plan to guarantee the best welcome to all the participants.