The message from the Mayor of the City of Turin

The City of Torino has a long sporting tradition which has become more and more important over the years.

It hosts many sport associations, big teams and young promising athletes, striving to reach the uppermost level of excellence in every sport while trying at the same time to bring its practice into everyone’s daily life. Torino offers huge green areas and parks where people can walk, run, skate and ride. Its sport facilities are very popular and the sport events regularly organized represent key moments for our city life.

The 2019 European Master Games will be no exception and will confirm one more time Torino as an attractive and welcoming city, reference point for sport values.

As a Mayor, I am proud to say that our territory has become worldly known for events of international significance.

I wish to thank all the people who contributed to achieve this goal, the Sport Department, sponsors, offices and local stakeholders and to extend my warmest welcome to sport associations, athletes and spectators who will be attending the 2019 European Master Games.

Chiara Appendino
Sindaca di Torino