Mandatory requirements

  1. Competitive Medical Certificate
    The presentation of the competitive medical certificate is mandatory for all athletes.
  2. For the following sports is a mandatory requirement to show, at the Accreditation time, a valid membership card of the International Federation or of a sport promotion entity:
      • Duathlon
      • Judo
      • Karate
      • Shooting – Pistol & Rifle
      • Shooting – Clay Target
      • Triathlon
      • Taekwondo
      • Weightlifting
      • Cable Wake Board

    Athletes without membership card will not be allowed to take part into the Games.

  3. Medical Assistance during your stay in Torino
    For all Italians and participants that possess a EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) is sufficient.
    The EHIC card provides state health care.
    More information on the following websites:
    Health Commission
    European Commission
    For NO EU participants a personal Health Care Insurance is required for the stay during the event.
  4. Visa
    To verify if you need a Visa, we suggest you to consult the following site:
    You must apply for a Tourist Visa. In order to receive the Invitation Letter by the O.C., please register on the official website and pay the requested fee. You should then go to the Italian Diplomatic Embassy of your country with the personalised letter of the invitation that will be sent to you, in order to proceed with the entrance visa request. Please note: the presentation of the documentation requested does not necessarily ensure the issuance of the visa.

Please contact the Organising Committee if you have any other question, doubt or request:

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